New Orleans Public Belt Railroad Commission Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Anthony Abadie $81,182.40 Unclassified Inspector
Zachery Adams $76,440.00 Unclassified Welder
Gary Allemand $81,120.00 Unclassified Section Foreman
Gary Allemand IV $71,760.00 Unclassified Bridgeman Helper
Isaac Andrews $81,868.80 Unclassified Carman Welder
Brach Badeaux $69,992.00 Unclassified Welder Helper
Byron Banegas $75,836.80 Unclassified Bridgeman
Troy Banks $112,476.00 Unclassified Director, Maintenance
Todd Belle $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Ryan Bibbins $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Chanell Blandin $79,892.80 Unclassified Payroll Clerk
Eric Borgstede $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Clarence Boudloche $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Tyler Bourgeois $61,796.80 Unclassified Trackman
Stephen Bradley $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Issac Brooks $73,923.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Tomeka Bryant $190,000.08 Unclassified General Manager
Brian Burley $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
William Caldwell $72,966.40 Unclassified Truck Driver
Christopher Campagne $81,868.80 Unclassified Carman Welder
Edward Carleton $79,892.80 Unclassified Rev Protection Clerk
Brian Carter $68,182.40 Unclassified Bridgeman Helper
Ellis Case $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Derrick Castine $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Jason Ceravola $98,800.08 Unclassified Manager, Maintenance of Way
Kai Chin $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Brandy Christian $63,859.92 Unclassified CEO
Jace Clement $68,182.40 Unclassified Bridgeman Helper
Curtis Clements $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Logan Compton $78,041.60 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Todd Condoll $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Austin Condon $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Hayden Condon $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
John Conner $61,796.80 Unclassified Trackman
Joshua Conzonere $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Michael Cunningham $80,412.80 Unclassified Machinist
Robert Cutrer $79,892.80 Unclassified EDI Clerk
David Davis $81,868.80 Unclassified Carman Welder
Irvin Davis $72,966.40 Unclassified Truck Driver
Rene Deshotel $77,334.40 Unclassified Switch/Lubricator Maint/Welder
Salvador DiMarco $75,836.80 Unclassified Bridgeman
Adam Donchez $73,923.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
William Donohue $81,868.80 Unclassified Carman Welder
Joan Dorn $82,763.20 Unclassified Engineer
Daniel Duet $75,504.00 Unclassified Machine Operator/Ballast
Darren Dufrene $73,923.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Ari Ferrand-Rodgers $115,914.96 Unclassified Director, Organizational Dev.
Race Fink $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Errol Flint $111,092.80 Unclassified Designated Sup Loco Engineer
Lindy Forriest $79,892.80 Unclassified EDI Clerk
Joshua Gougis $75,836.80 Unclassified Bridgeman
Nicholas Green $95,000.16 Unclassified Trainmaster 4
Bryan Gros $74,796.80 Unclassified Switchman
Stephanie Grueninger $79,892.80 Unclassified Rev Protection Clerk
Joe Gulino $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Brandon Hall $99,715.20 Unclassified Yard Master
Jonathan Hamilton $68,182.40 Unclassified Bridgeman Helper
David Harris $79,144.00 Unclassified Bridge Crane Operator
Gregory Harris $96,480.00 Unclassified Manager, Operations Support
Rory Hartman $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Fatima Hasbun $83,996.16 Unclassified Manager, Administration
Maverick Henderson $78,665.60 Unclassified Grapple Truck Operator
Leroy Hensley $124,800.00 Unclassified Superintendent of Transportation
Christopher Hill $82,763.20 Unclassified Engineer
Randy Jr Hill $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Ryan Hill $78,041.60 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Christopher Hollins $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Vernon Holmes $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Kirkland Hughes $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Jessie Jackson $76,440.00 Unclassified Welder
Brandon Jacob $77,750.40 Unclassified Machine Operator: Tie Inserter
Terry Johnson $78,665.60 Unclassified Bridgeman Truck Driver
Tim Juneau $81,868.80 Unclassified Carman Welder
William Kerry $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
William IV Kerry $75,836.80 Unclassified Bridgeman
Anthony Knecht $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Carl Kocur $159,106.08 Unclassified Vice President, Engineering
Lynette Kokemor $70,865.60 Unclassified Switchman
Michael Kruger $81,868.80 Unclassified Carman Welder
Mary Lacrouts $81,619.20 Unclassified Cust. Service/Acct Rec Clerk
Charles Lauland $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Mason Laumann $74,796.80 Unclassified Switchman
Sean LeBlanc $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Elmo Lee $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Lawrence Lee $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Jason Leonard $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Kermit Lindsey $81,182.40 Unclassified Inspector
John Linker $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Jason Lisotta $79,892.80 Unclassified EDI Clerk
Eddie Logan $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Tommy Lowrie $81,868.80 Unclassified Carman Welder
Matthew Luwe $75,836.80 Unclassified Bridgeman
Juan Lymuel $79,144.00 Unclassified Bridge Crane Operator
Kerry Macaluso $75,836.80 Unclassified Bridgeman
Kevin MacDonald $76,128.00 Unclassified Machine Operator Backhoe
Jared Mackie $117,489.12 Unclassified Trainmaster
Michael Majoue' $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Darryl Mayo $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Troy Mccormick $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Ronald McKnight $79,144.00 Unclassified Bridge Crane Operator
Isaac McPherson $136,240.08 Unclassified Director, Operations Planning
Michael Miley $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Alvie Mixon $99,715.20 Unclassified Yard Master
Willie Moore $70,865.60 Unclassified Switchman
Lee Mouney $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Kelly Mullet $85,633.60 Unclassified Heavy Duty Truck & Equipment Mechanic
Joseph Munson $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Ronald Muse $88,150.40 Unclassified Machinist Electrician
Patrick Napier $114,234.00 Unclassified Trainmaster
Gary Naquin $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
John Neel $82,763.20 Unclassified Engineer
Kevin Nichols $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Riley Nunley $73,923.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Jamie Oakes $97,255.20 Unclassified Manager, Bridge and Buildings
Trae Ortego $69,992.00 Unclassified Welder Helper
Mark Pecoraro $105,102.40 Unclassified Mechanical Foreman
Joshua Peed $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Reed Perrin $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
James Picone $97,240.08 Unclassified Manager, Mechanical
Donovan Pierre $81,057.60 Unclassified Bridge Foreman
Kory Piper $103,799.04 Unclassified Trainmaster
James Reed $68,660.80 Unclassified Trackman
Kristoffer Reinke $75,836.80 Unclassified Bridgeman
Scott Richoux $79,892.80 Unclassified Car Shop/Mech. Clerk
Ryan Roach $79,892.80 Unclassified Transportation Clerk
Ronald Robichaux $81,868.80 Unclassified Carman Welder
Sandra Robinson $79,882.80 Unclassified Accounting Clerk
Tony Ross $105,102.40 Unclassified Carman Foreman
Blake Roth $80,142.40 Unclassified Machine Operator Hi-Rail
Murtagh Rupp $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Matthew Scafidel $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Neil Schexnayder $78,041.60 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Huegh Shelby $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Frank Shields $99,715.20 Unclassified Yard Master
Eddie Silas $68,660.80 Unclassified Trackman
Claudia Simmons $101,341.20 Unclassified Manager, Accounting
James Simmons $79,892.80 Unclassified Relief Clerk
Harold Sims $81,120.00 Unclassified Section Foreman
Darryl Sims, Jr $80,142.40 Unclassified Temper Machine Operator
Darryl Sims, Sr $76,128.00 Unclassified Machine Operator Backhoe
Justin Sivret $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
James Smith $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Curchel Smoot $90,750.40 Unclassified IT Clerk
Michael Sparacina $81,120.00 Unclassified Section Foreman
Devin Staehle $61,796.80 Unclassified Trackman
Michael Staten $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Dakota Stevens $85,633.60 Unclassified Automotive Machinist - Roadway
London Sylvester $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Michael Synakiewicz $81,057.60 Unclassified Bridge Foreman
Lionel Thomas $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Kori Thompson $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Robert Torrence $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Shawn Torrence $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Adams Trauth $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Denny Trosclair $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Michael Trosclair $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Jason Tullier $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Damien Veal $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Jeffery Volpi $81,182.40 Unclassified Inspector
Jeremy Walsh $75,836.80 Unclassified Bridgeman
Kevin Walters $79,892.80 Unclassified EDI Clerk
Stefen Weaver $69,326.40 Unclassified Truck Driver
Carl Weems $84,552.00 Unclassified Track Inspector
Matthew White $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Orlando White $82,763.20 Unclassified Engineer
Rodney White $99,715.20 Unclassified Yard Master
Gary Williams $87,110.40 Unclassified Engineer
Marvin Williams $81,868.80 Unclassified Carman Welder
Raymond Williams $81,432.00 Unclassified Automotive Machinist - Bridge
Terrance Williams $82,139.20 Unclassified Switchman Foreman
Roosevelt Womack, III $81,868.80 Unclassified Carman Welder
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