Louisiana School Employees' Retirement System Board of Trustees Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Marcie Berkholz $69,992.00 Classified Human Resources Specialist
Maxime Besse $72,155.20 Classified Investment Officer 2
Christopher Brown $86,632.00 Classified IT Supervisor
Tanasha Brown $63,689.60 Classified Retirement Benefits Specialist
Charles Bujol $222,227.20 Unclassified Executive Director
Jonathan K Caperton $68,078.40 Classified IT Technical Support Analyst 3
Karl Cheek $75,836.80 Classified Facility Maint. Manager A
Deven Cole-Jackson $46,384.00 Classified Retirement Benefits Analyst 2
Derrick Dabney $40,164.80 Classified Accountant 1
Kandy Fly $26,929.35 Part-time Administrative Coordinator 3
Matthew Freedman $218,753.60 Unclassified Chief Investment Officer
Leslie Freeman $52,104.00 Classified Accountant 3
Tracy Gaudet $83,346.00 Classified Accountant Administrator 2
Kim Green $38,563.20 Classified Administrative Coordinator 3
Anthony Guzzardo $103,480.00 Classified IT Director
Brooke Lavinghouse $44,096.00 Classified Retirement Benefits Analyst 2
Laura Pryer $48,276.80 Classified Administrative Coordinator 4
Fred Seekins $65,249.60 Classified Maintenance Repairer Master
John Strange $143,665.60 Unclassified Executive Counsel
Jacob Summers $56,742.40 Classified IT ApplicationsDeveloper 2
Vacant Vacant $0.00 Classified Accountant Manager 1
Vacant Vacant $0.00 Classified Executive Management Officer
Vacant Vacant $0.00 Classified Retirement Benefits Assistant Administrator
Vacant Vacant $0.00 Classified Auditor 1/2/3
Sarah Walker $58,614.40 Classified Retirement Benefits Manager
Caryn Whiten $67,184.00 Classified Executive Staff Officer
Qian Yang $44,699.20 Classified Accountant 2
Chenfei Zhou $169,832.00 Unclassified Assistant Director
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