State Board of Nursing Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Christin Accardo $60,594.76 Part-time RN Compliance Officer
George Banks $50,121.98 Classified Accountant
Nichole Battle $73,453.20 Classified Compliance Investigator
Urhonda Beckwith $103,395.76 Classified RN Nurse Practive Consult
Jennifer Bernard $93,154.11 Classified RN Compliance Officer
Simbaljeet Bhinder $33,542.10 Classified Licensing Analyst
Donald Bowman $86,240.04 Classified Attorney Supervisor
Isonel Brown $131,449.42 Unclassified Chief Administrative Officer
Kevin Brumley $34,026.66 Classified Licensing Analyst
Lynette Butler $66,748.45 Classified RN Compliance Officer
Monique Calmes $116,199.80 Unclassified Chief Credentialing Officer
Geneva Carter $97,092.07 Classified RN-Nurse Practice Consult
Marcia Carter $29,396.38 Classified Compliance Investigator
Miranda Christopher $71,030.81 Classified Compliance Investigator
Carla Dillon $55,152.41 Classified Licensing Analyst
Katrina Duncan $59,303.06 Classified Administrative Program Manager
Suzanne Erwin $28,383.13 Classified Licensing Analyst
Chancelor Fontenot $86,769.27 Classified RN Compliance Officer
Lawanna Geren $45,827.31 Classified Licensing Analyst
Laura Guillory $48,952.87 Classified Licensing Analyst
Harry Hatten $17,977.03 Classified Compliance Investigator
Mecca Hayes $33,103.82 Classified Administrative Coordinator
Jeanine Howard $30,068.04 Classified Administrative Coordinator
Robin Huet $92,238.23 Classified RN Compliance Officer
Cherie Johnson $47,142.11 Classified Administrative Coordinator
Tyriel Johnson $35,886.89 Classified Compliance Investigator
Carrie Jones $118,738.19 Classified Chief Legal Officer
Stacey Jones $56,517.17 Classified Licensing Analyst Director
Sarah Luneau $59,373.11 Classified Project Manager
Karen Lyon $176,166.00 Unclassified Chief Executive Officer
Max Madere $30,435.34 Classified Administrative Coordinator
Ibriante Magee $36,757.71 Classified Compliance Investigator
Wanda Matthews $27,409.46 Unclassified Chief Regulatory Officer
Larry McGee $46,999.77 Classified IT Application Programmer
Carl Nagin Jr. $87,596.35 Classified IT Management Consultant
Lauren Papillion $108,519.60 Unclassified Chief Compliance Officer
Tysheka Parker $34,656.52 Classified Licensing Analyst
Zedra Parker $41,269.30 Classified Human Resources Specialist
Beverly Parnell $50,584.31 Classified Social Services Counselor
Crystal Patterson $54,490.98 Classified Licensing Analyst
Kathie Pohlman $66,342.93 Classified Social Worker
Angela Rice $33,036.09 Classified Licensing Analyst
LaQueda Ricks $65,077.42 Classified Human Resources Manager
Tarneisha Scott $39,062.81 Classified Administrative Assistant
Jelesia Sellars $74,565.39 Classified RN Compliance Investigator
Jerome Skrandel $59,379.90 Classified IT Technical Support Specialist
Doreen St. Cyr $58,453.16 Classified Licensing Analyst
Whitney Sullivan $74,647.15 Classified RN Compliance Officer
Monica Taylor $29,638.22 Classified Licensing Analyst
Darlecca Taylor-Rachal $29,679.71 Classified Licensing Analyst
Lenora Thomas $70,223.88 Classified Compliance Investigator
Tammy Wade $44,636.49 Classified Licensing Analyst
Kenci Washington $32,090.02 Classified Licensing Analyst
Seaira Washington $25,581.96 Classified Accountant
Tia Williams $45,767.81 Classified Compliance Investigator
Reyna Witt $57,302.93 Classified Attorney
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