State Board of Nursing

Name State Board of Nursing
Contact Person Dr. Karen C. Lyon, PhD, APRN, ACNS, NEA - Executive Director
Mailing Address Louisiana State Board of Nursing (LSBN)
17373 Perkins Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70810
Phone Number 225-755-7500
Fax Number 225-755-7584
Board Email
Legal Authority R.S. 37:914
Year Created 1912
Organizational Placement Department of Health and Hospitals
Purpose/Function LSBN is responsible for safeguarding the life and health of LA residents through the regulation of persons practicing or offering to practice as a registered nurse. LSBN also establishes minimum curriculum requirements and approves nursing schools.
Budget Message Top funding expenditures address key operation issues and process improvements to accommodate LSBN’s growth related to the Recovering Nurse Program, workforce planning, research, collaboration with the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners on practice issues, licensure, education regulation and credentialing. LSBN has also been involved as the 3rd state in the nation to implement the National Council of State Boards of Nursing’s (NCSBN) Optimal Regulatory Board System, a state-of-the-art data management system that will allow LSBN to become paper-light with all major functions provided electronically. Our goal is to build on our successes and to continue to promulgate strategy-driven, outcomes-oriented processes. With every decision that we make, our overarching goal is to improve health outcomes for all Louisianans and to position the nursing profession as a leader in practice, education, and regulation.
Number of Entity Members: Number Authorized: 11
Number Currently Serving: 11
Number of Entity Meetings: Actual number in prior year: 6
Estimated number in current year: 6
The Entity is:
Active   Inactive   Not fully organized   Disbanded   Never fully organized
Do members receive per diem, salaries, and/or travel expense reimbursements?
Yes   No
Excluding member per diem, salaries, and travel expense reimbursements, does the entity receive or expend funds?
Yes   No
Entity Member Per Diem:
  Amount Authorized: $75      per meeting   per meeting day   per day spent on board business   None

Total entity member per diem:
  Prior year actual: $0.00
  Current year budgeted: $0.00
Entity Member Salaries:
  Prior year actual: $0.00
  Current year budgeted: $0.00
Entity Member Travel Expense Reimbursement:
  Prior year actual: $0.00
  Current year budgeted: $0.00
Number and Type of Authorized Employee Positions:
Classified: 51
Unclassified: 2
Part-time: 0
Entity Fiscal Year End:
4/30         7/31         10/31         Other (identify date)
6/30         9/30         12/31         None
Participation in State Employee Benefit Programs:
       participate in state retirement system(s) and/or state group insurance program(s)
       do not participate in state benefit programs

       participate in state retirement system(s) and/or state group insurance program(s)
       do not participate in state benefit programs
Notes LSBN's FY18 annual budget will be approved at the December 2017 board meeting. LSBN will update the Boards and Commission website at that time.
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