Board of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Saed Abu Naser $92,477.00 Classified Acct Manager 2
Sandra Acheson $42,557.00 Classified Acct Technician
Renee Aragon Dolese $121,992.00 Unclassified Director of Marketing, Communications and Communi
Darlean Bacot $36,171.00 Classified Bridge & Lock Operator 2
Remelyn Bajada-Ricks $57,366.00 Classified Accountant Supervisor 1
Phillip Banks $51,917.00 Classified Port Fac Maint Foreman
Michael Bankston $62,421.00 Classified Port Fac Maint Foreman
Joan Baptiste $49,525.00 Classified Admin Coordinator 4
Michael Bardy $38,189.00 Classified Firetug Engineer 2
Darryl Barnes $40,914.00 Classified Police Officer 2-A
Karen Barnes $68,182.00 Classified Human Resources Specialist
Carolyn Bartholomew $36,379.00 Classified Admin Coordinator 3
Patrick Beard $91,291.00 Unclassified Port General Agent
Dwayne Benjamin $58,323.00 Classified Police Officer 3-A
Michael Bennett $51,813.00 Classified Mobile Equip Oper 2
Darren Berges $83,013.00 Classified Port Crane Tech 4
Vincent Bianchini $42,328.00 Classified Dredge Engineer
Jonathan Blades $76,253.00 Classified Port Crane Supervisor
Christopher Blunt $45,942.00 Classified Port Facility Maint Spec 3
Nicholas Boggs $38,459.00 Classified Port Facility Maint Spec 3
Ronald Bonnette $91,333.00 Classified Port Facility Maint Manager
Brandon Boughrara $82,888.00 Classified Engineer 4
Daniel Bourgeois $40,560.00 Classified Plumber/Pipefitter Master
Dylan Bourgeois $49,961.00 Classified Engineering Tech 4
Angela Brandenburg $87,818.00 Classified Accountant Manager 1
Kirk Braud $73,403.00 Classified Police Lieutenant - A
Peter Brito $58,115.00 Classified Police Sergeant A
Henry Broom Jr $69,118.00 Classified Port Facility Maint Manager
Adrian Brown $36,379.00 Classified Firetug Deck/Firefighter
Garri Brown $155,012.00 Classified Chief People & Culture Officer
Kenneth Brown $53,518.00 Classified Electrician Specialist
Makai Brown $58,635.00 Classified Marine Operator 3
Izaak Brumfield $39,104.00 Classified Police Office 2-A
Jason Bruner $95,014.00 Classified Port Manager D
James Buffinet $68,474.00 Classified Dredge Captain
Matthew Burr $61,755.00 Classified Port Crane Tech 3
Ryan Bylsma $125,341.00 Classified Engineer 7
Joseph Carlisle $37,981.00 Classified Dredge Engineer
Deborah Carson $36,171.00 Classified Bridge & Lock Operator 2
Steven Castiglione $53,518.00 Classified Port Crane Tech 1
Travis Causey $40,518.00 Classified Police Officer 3-A
Jon Cheneau $34,965.00 Classified Port Facility
Kim Chinn $42,453.00 Classified Admin Coordinator 4
Brandy Christian $319,998.00 Unclassified President/CEO
Chris Clark, Jr. $54,746.00 Classified Police Sergeant A
Mitchel Clementin Jr $58,822.00 Classified Firetug Captain
Margaret Cloos $66,851.00 Classified GIS Specialist
Amanda Coates $122,013.00 Unclassified Director, Trade & Development
Christina Coats-Tran $150,010.00 Unclassified General Manager, Maritime & Asset Management
Kevin Colburn $20,800.00 Part-time Engineering Technician 6
Darlene Collins $52,458.00 Classified Environmental Impact Specialist 3
Joseph Cook $46,738.00 Classified Police Officer 3-A
Luke Cooley $98,467.00 Classified Engineer 5
Jacob Crist $60,840.00 Part-time Deputy Director, Terminal Operations, and Real Est
Charlonda Cummings $52,146.00 Classified Police Sergeant A
Kimberly Curtin-Copus $74,173.00 Classified Public Information Director
Alaina Darensbourg $38,210.00 Classified Engineering Tech 4
Miguel Darensbourg $69,118.00 Classified Port Facility Maintenance Manager
Sharon Davis $52,603.00 Classified Police Officer 3-A
Amy Dawson $125,000.00 Unclassified Emergency Management Director
Brandon Delaney $35,090.00 Classified Port Facility Maintenance Specialist 3
Howard Dennison $59,592.00 Classified Police Officer 3-A
John Donald $42,619.00 Classified Accounting Technician
Steven Dorsey $73,195.00 Classified Police Lieutenant A
Otis Easterling Jr. $41,288.00 Classified Port Facility Maintenance Specialist 3
Felicia El-Mansura $37,190.00 Classified Bridge & Lock Operator 2
Brett Escher $93,184.00 Classified Port Crane Supervisor
Jean Paul Escudier $187,616.00 Unclassified Executive Counsel
Anthony Evett $180,003.00 Unclassified Chief of Infrastructure
Catherine Falgoust $74,901.00 Classified Port Manager C
Sidney Fauria $110,219.20 Classified IT Supervisor
Emily Federer $85,010.00 Unclassified Sustainability Manager
Shirley Feraci $53,893.00 Classified Admin Assistant 5
Antoine Ferbos $74,963.00 Classified Police Lieutenant A
Jovanda Fields $51,355.00 Classified Admin Assistant 5
James Finch $45,635.00 Classified Plumber/Pipefitter Master
Daniel Finnegan $57,678.00 Classified Engineering Tech 5
Glenn Ford $53,893.00 Classified Dredge Operator
Steven Gauthier $124,467.00 Unclassified Director of Cruise
Ashley Gennaro $83,699.00 Classified Port Manager C
Jason Gervais $106,683.00 Classified Port Crane Manager
Cameron Gibson $110,011.00 Unclassified Port General Agent
Chris Gilmore $146,016.00 Classified Director of Engineering & Environmental
Joshua Gommel $85,634.00 Classified Marine Terminal Supt
Elizabeth Gondek $60,882.00 Classified Marine Terminal Manager 2
Stanley Goodwin $61,714.00 Classified Police Sergeant-A
Reginald Gordon $40,934.00 Classified Police Officer 2-A
Matthew Gresham $127,525.00 Unclassified Chief of Governmental Relations
John Guidry $147,118.00 Classified Director of Maintenance
Francisco Gurdian $62,691.00 Classified Port Crane Tech 3
Elijah Hall $36,109.00 Classified Police Officer 1-A
Michael Hampton $45,906.00 Classified Port Facility Maintenance Specialist 3
Ann Hanks $53,227.00 Classified Port Manager B
Terry Hannan $70,262.00 Classified Port Facility Maintenance Foreman
William Harrison $89,960.00 Classified IT Technical Support Analyst
Milton Haynes $53,019.00 Classified Port Facility Maintenance Foreman
Johnny Helire $43,805.00 Classified Police Officer 3-A
Christopher Heller $42,640.00 Classified Port Facility Maintenance Specialist 3
Jerry Henry Jr. $41,288.00 Classified Port Facility Maintenance Specialist 3
Alfonso Hernandez $79,456.00 Classified Port Crane Supervisor
Philip Herring $100,818.00 Classified Port Manager C
Heather Horan $72,509.00 Classified Human Resources Supervisor
Katelyn Howells $56,576.00 Classified Admin Program Specialist B
Barbara Humphrey $56,326.00 Classified Contracts/Grants Rev 3
Charles Irons $57,387.00 Classified Port Facility Maintenance Foreman
Edwin Jackson $23,400.00 Classified Firetug Deck/Firefighter Trainee
Gabriel Jackson $26,042.00 Classified Firetug Deckhand/Firefighter
Porsche Jackson $47,757.00 Classified Administrative Assistant 5
James Jenkins $60,549.00 Classified Port Facility Maintenance MST Mechan
Eric Johnsen $107,827.00 Classified IT Supervisor
Angela Johnson $70,013.00 Classified Public Information Officer
Cynthia Justiniano $49,192.00 Classified Accountant 2
Ashley Keeler $37,544.00 Classified Police Officer 1-A
James Kennedy $58,136.00 Classified Port Facility Maintenance Foreman
Anthony Krass $69,264.00 Classified Firetug Master
Chanel Labat $111,280.00 Classified Director of Procurement
Jack Lacaze $36,171.00 Classified Bridge & Lock Operator
Arthur Lamonte $61,339.00 Classified Port Fac Maint MST Mechan
Norman Landeche $48,131.00 Classified Firetug Captain
Chad Larkins $121,888.00 Classified Engineer 7
Hannah Leumas $72,384.00 Classified Engineer 4
Reuben Lofton $97,053.00 Classified Port Manager C
John Lombardino $51,605.00 Classified Firetug Chief Engineer
Elizabeth Loniello $95,867.00 Classified Engineer 7
Adrian Lopez-Salazar $81,619.00 Unclassified Port General Agent
Alora Madere $66,123.00 Classified Administrative Program Manager 2
Vinh Mai $74,235.00 Classified Port Crane Tech 4
Kumneger Mamo $55,890.00 Classified Accountant 3
Charles Mancil $58,178.00 Classified Mobile Equip Operator 2
Richard Mancuso $101,254.00 Classified IT Manager
Matthew Manson $36,109.00 Classified Police officer 1-A
Janine Mansour $140,005.00 Unclassified Commercial Director
Robert Maurin $30,306.00 Classified Bridge & Lock Operator
Robert Mcelreath $60,549.00 Classified Port Fac Maint MST Mechan
Dominick McGuire $55,869.00 Classified Dredge Operator
April McKnight $69,181.00 Classified Human Resources Specialist
Laura Mellem $165,006.00 Unclassified Chief of Staff
Doyle Melton $44,678.00 Classified Port Facility Maintenance Specialist 3
Drew Mercadel $38,189.00 Classified Police Officer 2-A
Steven Miles $52,250.00 Classified Port Crane Tech 1
Kylie Mills $72,010.00 Classified Public Information Director
Melanie Montroll $140,005.00 Unclassified Police Chief
Jeanne Moran $50,066.00 Classified Admin Coordinator 4
Maurice Morgan $39,707.00 Classified Police Officer 2-A
Dylan Morlas $65,416.00 Classified Port Crane Tech 3
Michael Naquin $89,315.00 Unclassified Port General Agent
Christine Nguyen $79,176.00 Classified Engineer Intern 2
Patrick Noble $71,490.00 Classified Port Manager B
Jacinta Noel $64,293.00 Classified Admin Prog Spec A
Yongyut Nuengjarkjoi $55,890.00 Classified Electrician Specialist Foreman
George Owens V $71,386.00 Classified Port Crane Tech 4
Brandon Padgett $59,114.00 Classified Port Crane Tech 3
Ronald Partridge $63,565.00 Classified Port Facility Maintenance Foreman
Natalie Payne $35,027.00 Classified Bridge & Lock Operator
Junior Perdomo $65,936.00 Classified Port Crane Tech 4
Ruben Perez-Barrientos $51,501.00 Classified Port Crane Tech 1
Phuong Phan $61,693.00 Classified Accountant 3
Demetri Pine $47,486.00 Classified Plumber/Pipefitter Master
Bryan Poole $42,141.00 Classified Piledriver
Jessica Ragusa $80,018.00 Unclassified Deputy Director of Governmental Affairs
Arian Randolf $80,018.00 Unclassified Community Engagement Manager
Cecil Rivera $57,554.00 Classified Port Crane Tech 2
Troy Rock $43,992.00 Classified Firetug Engineer 2
Philip Rosado $64,251.00 Classified Marine Operator 3
Mickael Savoie $46,800.00 Classified Police Officer 2-A
Larry Sawatsky $126,526.00 Classified Director of Finance
Jeffery Scarbrough $66,435.00 Classified Port Facility Master Mechanic
Michelle Scelson $130,250.00 Classified General Counsel
Patricia Schexnayder $59,654.00 Classified Accounting Spec Supv
Ivory Scott $58,822.00 Classified Police Officer 3-A
James Serling $55,910.00 Classified Port Crane Tech 2
Wilmot Shows $77,168.00 Classified Port Fac Maint Manager
Nicole Silvio $35,006.00 Classified Admin Coordinator 4
Monique Singley $60,590.00 Classified Admin Assistant 6
Bryan Slaughter $25,938.00 Classified Bridge & Lock Operator
Austin Small $34,674.00 Classified Piledriver
Christopher Smith $61,069.00 Classified Police Lieutenant-A
Kimbley Smith $69,056.00 Classified Accountant Supervisor 2
Robert Smithwick $66,685.00 Classified Port Crane Tech 3
James Soileau, III $67,829.00 Classified Engineer Intern 2
Randy Songy $101,774.00 Classified Engineer 5
Michele Steib $85,883.00 Classified IT Tech Specialist 1
Anderson Stevenson $36,171.00 Classified Bridge & Lock Operator
Tyressee Sullen $39,125.00 Classified Communications Officer 2
Michael Sulser $113,922.00 Classified Engineer 6
Shaun Sylvas $40,914.00 Classified Police Officer 2-A
Michael Tate $57,554.00 Classified Port Crane Tech 2
Antonia Taylor $67,226.00 Classified Procurement Manager
Joyce Taylor $45,240.00 Classified Admin Program Specialist A
Renetta Taylor $31,512.00 Classified Bridge & Lock Operator
Antoine Thompson $60,611.00 Classified Piledriver Foreman
Ronald Till $80,288.00 Classified Port Facility Maintenance Manager
Ryan Till $48,547.00 Classified Port Crane Tech 1
Logan Tillery $40,914.00 Classified Police Officer 3-A
Craig Toney $38,126.00 Classified Bridge & Lock Operator
Martha Torres $23,845.00 Part-time Admin Prog Spec B
Cedric Turner $72,114.00 Classified Police Captain
Kendall Turner $64,834.00 Classified Police Lieutenant A
Carlos Tyson $55,099.00 Classified Port Crane Tech 2
Byron Videau $43,846.00 Classified Foreman
Christopher Videau $71,032.00 Classified Marine Operator 3
Maricela Villarreal $91,811.00 Unclassified Claims Manager
Annie Villarrubia $80,018.00 Unclassified Port General Agent
Janet Volion $42,619.00 Classified Accounting Technician
Byron Walton Jr $42,931.00 Classified Police Officer 2-A
Sierra Watson $29,162.00 Classified Bridge & Lock Operator
Ronald Wendel Jr $188,136.00 Unclassified Executive Vice President & Chief Finance Officer
Jared White $35,048.00 Classified Bridge & Lock Operator
Jordan Williams $31,408.00 Classified Dredge Deckhand
Randall Williams $39,021.00 Classified Piledriver
Tony Williams $63,357.00 Classified Engineering Technician 5
Travis Williams $40,539.00 Classified Port Facility Maintenance Specialist 3
Jerry Winn $54,995.00 Classified Marine Operator 3
Jeffery Yaun $69,826.00 Classified Safety Risk Agency Director
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