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Payee Instructions

This website is available to persons and/or entities that receive payments from the State of Louisiana's central accounting system. Not all State of Louisiana agency payments are issued from the State's central accounting system (ISIS), so it is possible that a payment received from a state agency will not be found through this site. No payment information is available for the Department of Transportation and Development, institutions of higher education, legislative or judicial branch agencies through this site. Initially, payment information will be available for the last eighteen months. Eventually, payment information will be available for the last three fiscal years. State fiscal years are from July 1st to June 30th with a 45-day adjustment period ending on August 14th.

Payees have the option of receiving payment through a paper check or through electronic funds transfer (EFT). Paper checks are mailed to the vendors with paper remittance advices. Multiple paper remittance advices may be generated for a single check payment. Those remittance advices are mailed on the same day as the check to the same address. However, due to mailing or routing delays, they may not be received at the same time.

EFTs are sent electronically to the payee's bank as an ACH credit with an electronic remittance advice (820 transaction). As required through NACHA Rules, your bank must provide the remittance information to you upon request. However, banks may charge a fee for this service and payment of that fee is your responsibility.

This site is composed of several different pages. The pages are the Login, Payee Locations, Payee Search, Payee Payments, and Payee Detail pages. When moving backward between pages, we urge you to use the navigation buttons at the top of the page instead of your browser buttons. Using the navigation buttons resets the page upon your return. Individual page instructions are provided in the upper left hand corner of all help pages or by clicking on Help at the top of the application pages. To view payment information, you must enter a valid TIN (Federal Tax Identification Number or Social Security Number).

With these facts in mind and to provide the State's business partners with information access, the State is providing remittance information through this website as a convenience to payees. Payment and remittance information is available through this site for both payment methods (check and EFT). The information provided through this website mirrors the information printed on check remittance advices or sent electronically with EFT payments to your bank. As a cost savings measure, payments for multiple agencies and invoices may be combined on one payment. If you have questions regarding payment for a particular invoice, you should contact the agency that issued that payment for additional information. Only that agency can assist you with specific issues relating to that payment. If you need a copy of a cleared check found through this site or are interested in receiving payment through EFT, contact the Office of Statewide Reporting and Accounting Policy at (225) 342-1097.