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Statewide: 04-15-2024
DOTD (included with Statewide starting in Fiscal Year 2014): 07-08-2013
LSU Health Sciences: 04-19-2024
LSU System: 04-15-2024
McNeese State University: 04-09-2024
University of New Orleans: 01-31-2018
Louisiana Community and Technical College System: 07-29-2016
Louisiana Tech University: 07-29-2016
Nicholls State University: 07-29-2016
Southeastern Louisiana University: 06-28-2016
University of Louisiana at Lafayette: 06-17-2016
University of Louisiana at Monroe: 05-26-2016
LSU at Shreveport: 04-28-2016
Grambling State University: 02-16-2011
Northwestern State University: 12-16-2010
Southern University System: 08-03-2010
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LaTrac contains unaudited financial expenditure data presented by the Louisiana Division of Administration.