Welcome to the expenditures portion of LaTrac. I invite you to utilize this website to learn more about our state government and its spending procedures. I have advocated for transparent government, as I believe that the bright light of transparency and public access should extend to every corner of the state budget.

An honest government has nothing to fear from openness, and I hope you will use this site to ensure that your government is working for you, the people, and not special interests. We will continue to update and expand this site over the coming months, and thank you again for visiting the expenditures portion of LaTrac.

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Statewide: 08-10-2022
DOTD (included with Statewide starting in Fiscal Year 2014): 07-08-2013
LSU Health Sciences: 06-23-2022
LSU System: 06-21-2022
McNeese State University: 06-25-2021
University of New Orleans: 01-31-2018
Louisiana Community and Technical College System: 07-29-2016
Louisiana Tech University: 07-29-2016
Nicholls State University: 07-29-2016
Southeastern Louisiana University: 06-28-2016
University of Louisiana at Lafayette: 06-17-2016
University of Louisiana at Monroe: 05-26-2016
LSU at Shreveport: 04-28-2016
Grambling State University: 02-16-2011
Northwestern State University: 12-16-2010
Southern University System: 08-03-2010
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