Licensed Professional Counselors Board of Examiners Reimbursements

Board Reimbursement Policy

The reimbursements reported for FY 20/21 are for current Board Members. Reimbursements for Members who are no longer on the Board are not included. Board members are only reimbursed for actual travel expenses related to Board business (no per diem). As of September 16th, 2011, all Board Member expenditures must be previously approved by the Executive Director. Travel expenses related to Board meetings varies based on attendance.

Member Reimbursements

Name Year Total Reimbursement
Earnest Airhia 2021 $672
Ronald Cathey 2021 $1,060
Laura Fazio-Griffith 2021 $0
Claude Guillotte 2021 $316
Kristal Hebert 2021 $280
Jacqueline Mims 2021 $0
Foley Nash 2021 $0
Nakeisha Pierce 2021 $634
Roy Salgado, Jr. 2021 $341
Kelly Tyner 2021 $2,358
Amanda Johns -- --
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