Real Estate Commission Reimbursements

Board Reimbursement Policy

Members of the Louisiana Real Estate Commission shall be compensated at a rate of not more than fifty dollars a day for each meeting or for attending to commission business, however, a member attending two meetings on the same day shall not be compensated for more than one meeting on that day. Members shall also be reimbursed for their actual expenses covering travel, meals, lodging and other incidental expenses incurred while attending commission meetings or attending to commission business.

Member Reimbursements

Name Year Total Reimbursement
Hanna Chustz 2022 $0
Synde Devillier 2022 $3,485
Jeff Free 2022 $10,387
Doneva Halphen 2022 $0
Ted Major 2022 $0
Joe Pappalardo, Jr. 2022 $5,313
Gladys Smith-Coward 2022 $5,425
Paula Duncan 2021 $6,423
Rodney D. Greenup, Sr. 2021 $1,738
Matt Ritchie 2021 $10,979
Tony Cornner -- --
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