Agricultural Chemistry and Seed Commission Members

Name Compensation Terms Length of Service Selection Method
David Causey $0.00 Appointed since 2017 Fertilizer Industry, Louisiana Ag Industries Assoc
Philip Elzer $0.00 Appointed since 2013 Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station
Gregory Gravois $0.00 Appointed since 2019 House Committee Appointee
Jim Harper $0.00 ex officio since 2020 President of LA Farm Bureau Federation Inc
Cecil Jones $0.00 Appointed since 2021 Seed Industry, Louisiana Ag Industries Association
Ed O'Neal $0.00 Appointed since 2013 Feed Industry, Louisiana Ag Industries Association
Mike Strain $0.00 ex officio since 2013 Commissioner and ex officio chairman
Ed Twidwell $0.00 Appointed since 2017 Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service
Travis Walker $0.00 Appointed since 2018 Senate Committee Appointee
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