Juvenile Justice Reform Act Implementation Commission Members

Name Compensation Terms Length of Service Selection Method
Rep. Marcus Bryant $0.00 Ex Officio 3 Years House Crim. Justice Chairman or designee
Bridget Denicola $0.00 Ex Officio 3 Years Commissioner of Administration, proxy
Sen. Royce Duplessis $0.00 Pleasure 3 Years Senate Pres; Mem of Senate
Justice Piper Griffin $0.00 -- Pleasure CJ or AJ of the Louisiana Supreme Court
Rep. Jason Hughes $0.00 Pleasure 3 Months Appt by House Speaker; Mem of House
Terry Lambright $0.00 Pleasure 1 Year LDAA appointee
Richard Pittman $0.00 Pleasure 8 Years state public defender appointee
Gina Womack $0.00 Pleasure 4 Years Families and Friends of Louisiana's Incarcerated C
Tracie Woods $0.00 Ex Officio 11 Years VP of admin/mgmt. of SU or designee
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