International Deep Water Gulf Transfer Terminal Authority Board of Commissioners Members

Name Compensation Terms Length of Service Selection Method
Nicholas Celona, Jr. $0.00 6 years 2 year- 1st Term Appointed by Governor/nominated by AFLCIO
Arthur Cooper $0.00 6 years 4 years- 1st Term Designee of Secretary, LED
Representative Ray Garofalo $0.00 Ex-Officio 9 years Representative for Project District
Matt Gresham $0.00 6 years 8 years - 2nd term Appointed by Governor - At Large
Senator Sharon Hewitt $0.00 Ex-Officio 6 Years Senator for Project District
John Hyatt $0.00 6 Years 7 Years- 2nd term Appointed by the Gov. Nom. by the L.A.B.I.
Renee Lapeyrolerie $0.00 6 years 3 years- 1st Term Designee of Secretary, Louisiana DOTD
Jennifer Marusak $0.00 6 Years 3 years- 1st Term Appointed by Gov. Nominated by Ports Assoc. of La.
Vacant Vacant $0.00 6 Years Vacant Appointed by Governor Maritime/Pilots Associat
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