Cancer Research Center of LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans/Tulane Health Sciences Center Governing Board Members

Name Compensation Terms Length of Service Selection Method
Mr. Arthur Cooper $0.00 07/01/2023 1st Term Statutory Appointee/LED
Dr. Gene D'Amour $0.00 07/01/2024 3rd Term Bylaws/Election
Dr. Patrick Delafontaine $0.00 07/01/2027 1st Term Board Election
Dr. Richard DiCarlo $0.00 Indefinite 1st Term Statutory
Ms. Barbara Goodson $0.00 07/01/2024 4th Term Board Election
Dr. Lee Hamm $0.00 Indefinite 3rd Term Statutory
Mr. Walter Leger, Jr. $0.00 12/01/2024 2nd Term Board Election
Mr. Darren Mire $0.00 01/01/2026 1st Term Statutory Appointee - BOR
Dr. Brian Moore $0.00 08/01/2026 1st Term Bylaws/Election
Dr. Valentine Nfonsam $0.00 11/01/2026 1st Term Bylaws/Election
Ms. Pamela Ryan $0.00 07/01/2024 5th Term Board Election
Ms. Carroll Suggs $0.00 07/01/2024 6th Term Board Election
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