Sabine River Authority Board of Commissioners Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Theresa Adams $20.46 Classified Park Assistant Manager
Rebecca Anderson $26.92 Classified Administrative Assistant 5
Kendall Barnard $20.46 Classified Maintenance Rep 2
Cynthia Barnette $20.46 Classified Park Assistant Manager
Teresa Barron $20.80 Classified Park Assistant Manager
Randy Brewer $21.89 Classified MEO1 Heavy
Esther Burnette $17.27 Classified Administrative Coordinator 4
Michael Carr $53.34 Classified Facility Manager
Joey Cartinez $26.22 Classified Maintenance Foreman
John Cary $24.92 Classified MEO 1 Heavy
Rita Darnell $13.63 Classified Helper
Carrie DeRouen $11.91 Classified Adm Coord 2
Kellie Ferguson $51.01 Classified Administrative Director
Warren Founds $63.00 Unclassified Executive Director
Rodney Fulton $27.77 Classified Eng Intern 1
John Graham $42.91 Classified IT Tech Specialist
Matthew Istre $33.22 Classified Electrician Specialist Leader
Rodney Johnson $30.43 Classified Levee Foreman
Taylor Jones $11.91 Classified Administrative Coordinator 2
Arlin Levy $29.02 Classified Electrician Specialist
Ron Mitchell $26.90 Classified Levee Foreman
Vicki Mitchell $15.00 Classified Accountant 2
William Nixon $24.34 Classified ME Master Mechanic
Randel O'Banion $21.89 Classified MEO 1 Heavy
Floyd Rasmussen $21.89 Classified Carpenter
Joseph Remedies $40.45 Classified Facility Maintenance Manager
Pam Sanderson $20.46 Classified Park Assistant Manager
Connie Sepulvado $13.63 Classified Helper
Tara Stewart $19.12 Classified Horticulture Leader
Jeremy Strother $25.62 Classified Land Specialist
Kelsey Thompson $12.25 Classified Accounting Specialist
Kari Wright $28.77 Classified HR Analyst C
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