Louisiana Educational Television Authority Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
David Abbott $48,505.60 Classified IT Tech Support Analyst 1
Christy Adams $52,395.20 Classified TV Engineer 2
Roland Alford $73,444.80 Classified TV Engineer 3
Anne Arceneaux $53,414.40 Classified Ed. TV Tech. Prog. Specialist 1
Donald Ballard $40,331.20 Part-time TV Manager
Leonardo Barbier $47,382.40 Classified Computer Graphic Design Mgr
John Blue $64,147.20 Classified TV Engineer 2
Leslie Bourgeois $63,065.60 Unclassified Digital Media Librarian
Sally Budd $57,096.00 Classified TV Lighting Dir Stage Mgr
Chante Burt $49,608.00 Classified Admin Coordinator 4
Sherrie Clark $65,894.40 Classified Ed. TV Tech. Manager
Clarence Copeland $201,614.40 Unclassified Executive Director
Kimberly Ducote $110,947.20 Unclassified Director of Business Services
Eliska Duhe $54,932.80 Classified IT Tech Specialist 1
Julianne Falls $40,154.40 Classified Accountant 1
Clay Fourrier $47,309.60 Part-time TV Executive Producer
Devon Gipson $32,240.00 Classified Admin Coordinator 2
Ryan Golden $66,435.20 Unclassified Digital Media Specialist
Devin Hadrick $56,638.00 Classified TV Camera Operator 3
Matt Hathcox $58,905.60 Unclassified Digital Media Specialist 1
Francis Hillyard $71,427.20 Classified TV Engineer Section MGR
Kartier Jackson $35,900.80 Classified Admin Coordinator 3
Benjamin Johnson $72,092.80 Classified TV Senior Producer 2
Dorothy Kendrick $65,187.20 Classified TV Senior Producer 1
Gerald Langlois $56,825.60 Classified TV Producer
Karen LeBlanc $79,999.92 Unclassified News Anchor/Producer
Christopher Lecoq $57,137.60 Classified TV Camera Operator 3
Michael Lusk $50,377.60 Classified TV Engineer 2
Treece Mallard $65,000.00 Classified Accountant Manager 1
Sabrina Marcelle $68,099.00 Classified TV Operations Supervisor
Romulus McKenzie $53,955.20 Classified TV Engineer 3
Linda Midgett $98,425.60 Unclassified Executive Producer of Content Dev
Layne Miller $10,400.00 Part-time Student
Jonathan Nickens $52,332.80 Classified Admin Program Spec B
Deirdre Peterson $85,999.68 Classified TV Production Manager
Rebecca Pittman $61,172.80 Classified TV Engineer 3
Heather Purser $43,700.00 Classified Accounting Technician
Virgil Purvis $77,251.20 Classified Public Information Director 1
Emma Reid $55,182.40 Unclassified Digital Media Specialist 2
Adam Richard $85,633.60 Classified IT Manager
Steven Ringo $76,169.60 Classified TV Engineer Section Mgr.
Bennie Robertson $35,453.60 Part-time TV Engineer 3
Kirk Robertson $57,137.60 Classified TV Camera Operator 3
Shelisa Ross $57,200.00 Classified IT Applications Developer 2
Mary K. Scherer $64,001.60 Classified Public Information Officer 3
Dana Searcy $36,722.40 Part-time TV Engineer/Transmitter Supervisor
Jeanne Smith $68,848.00 Unclassified Project Developer
Carl Snyder $60,840.00 Classified TV Engineer/Transmitter Supervisor
Colleen Spillane $62,504.00 Classified Public Information Officer 3
Kara St. Cyr $65,000.00 Unclassified News Anchor/Reporter
James Stuart $65,561.60 Classified TV Engineer 3
Matthew Tessier $115,502.40 Unclassified Deputy Director
Nancy Tooraen $88,337.60 Classified Ed TV Tech Director
Jason Viso $100,006.40 Classified TV Programming Director
John Wagoner $71,240.00 Classified Facility Maintenance Manager 2
Jack Warren $63,564.80 Classified TV Engineer 3
Donald Washington $79,996.80 Unclassified Director of Digital Media
Avery White $67,392.00 Classified TV Senior Producer1
John Williams $54,080.00 Classified TV Camera Operator 3
Kayley Williams $50,003.20 Classified HB Analyst B
Virnado Woods $58,531.20 Classified TV Camera Operator 3
William Woodside $88,129.60 Classified TV Engineer Director
Megan Wright $75,420.80 Classified Human Resources Director
Walter Young $73,444.80 Classified TV Engineer/Transmitter Supervisor
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