Board of Regents Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Melissa Anders $94,692.00 Unclassified Program Manager-Teacher Ed
Karlita Anderson $105,019.00 Unclassified Associate Commissioner for HCM
Kareem Awad $75,000.00 Unclassified Data Analyst
Lori Jill Baggett $21,600.00 Part-time PT Data Entry Operator
Faye Baker $128,003.00 Unclassified Associate Commissioner for Student Success
Elizabeth Bentley-Smith $127,076.00 Unclassified Associate Commissioner for Finance and Administrat
Laurie Blandino $122,008.00 Unclassified Associate Commissioner for LOUIS
Donald Boeckman $52,666.00 Part-time Senior Institutional Research Associate
Elizabeth Bourgeois $118,719.00 Unclassified Assistant Commissioner for Audit & Compliance
Harold Boutte $124,037.00 Unclassified Assistant Commissioner for Administrative Services
Michelle Brandon $64,899.00 Unclassified Executive Asst/Progr Coord.
Courtney Britton $91,353.00 Unclassified Proprietary School Program Administrator
Chandra Cheatham $90,584.00 Unclassified Director of Procurement Srvs & Proprietary Sch Sp
Christina Cheek $60,124.00 Unclassified Program Coordinator
Clint Coleman $100,779.00 Unclassified Program Administrator-LaSTEM/Cybersecurity
Kelly Cormier $88,000.00 Unclassified Personnel Manager
Hannah Courtney Rogers $60,557.00 Unclassified Program Coordinator for Licensure
Susannah Craig $185,221.00 Unclassified Deputy Commissioner for Strategic Planning & Stude
Alysia Delone $59,010.00 Unclassified Grants and Contract Coordinator
Michelle Demeulenaere $90,844.00 Unclassified Program Mgr-Early Child.
Tristan Denley $294,000.00 Unclassified Deputy Commissioner for Academic Affairs & Innovat
LeAnn Detillier $112,320.00 Unclassified Assistant Commissioner for Program Administration
Shannon Domingue $75,171.00 Unclassified EPSCoR Program Associate
Bethany Elam $55,000.00 Unclassified Personnel Officer
Adele English $33,696.00 Part-time PT Auditor
Ann Evans $22,880.00 Part-time PT Proprietary Clerk
Eddie Flice $57,200.00 Classified Personnel Officer
Emily Frank $91,798.00 Unclassified Affordable Learning LOUIS Program Administrator
Brianna Golden $70,200.00 Unclassified Program Coordinator
Aisha Griffin $70,260.00 Unclassified Higher Education Auditor
Sherese Harrell $65,583.00 Unclassified Programmer/Analyst
Christopher Herring $124,655.00 Unclassified Associate Commissioner for Facilities Planning & D
Julia Hine $65,100.00 Unclassified Title IX Coordinator
John Hudnall $55,016.00 Unclassified IT Specialist
Mighan Johnson $65,034.00 Unclassified Assistant Program Manager
Bryan Jones $87,552.00 Unclassified Enhancement Program Manager
Mildred Justice $93,600.00 Unclassified Executive Assistant
Rebecca Kelley $70,040.00 Unclassified Program Mgr.-Digital Inclusion
Elizabeth Kelly $87,029.00 Unclassified Library Web & Applications Dev Admin-LOUIS
Denise Kirkland $95,582.00 Unclassified Sr. Fiscal Administrator
Kimberly Kirkpatrick $137,585.00 Unclassified Associate Commissioner for Institutional Research
Vedasamhita Kommalapati $62,500.00 Unclassified Data Analyst
James Kuhns $98,307.00 Unclassified Infrastructure Specialist
Matthew LaBruyere $175,905.00 Unclassified Deputy Commissioner for Finance and Admin.
Dwayne Lacombe $52,166.00 Unclassified Information Services Support Tech
Guadalupe Lamadrid $110,731.00 Unclassified Senior Policy Analyst
Cara Landry $61,425.00 Unclassified Executive Assistant-Program Coordinator
Kimberly Langlois $57,200.00 Unclassified Executive Asst/Progr Coord.
Wesley Leonard $34,122.00 Part-time Institutional Research Associate
Zachary Madewell $57,750.00 Unclassified Jr. System Administrator
Ryleigh Magee $55,000.00 Unclassified Communication Specialist
Melissa Maranto $72,800.00 Unclassified Communications Director
Angela Mastainich $89,373.00 Unclassified Program and Contract Manager
Dawn Melancon $92,945.00 Unclassified Sr. Budget and Data Analyst
Christopher Mestayer $82,485.00 Unclassified Sr. Endowment Prog Mgr
Trissa Nelson $38,730.00 Part-time PT HCM Specialist
Janet Newhall $99,972.00 Unclassified Assistant Commissioner for Academic Affairs
Pamela Northrup $83,200.00 Part-time Sr. Advisor for Data Analytics
Christine Norton $100,315.00 Unclassified Assistant Commissioner for BoRSF Administration
Jessica Patton $87,027.00 Unclassified Federal Programs Manager
Jacob Penton $86,778.00 Unclassified Sr. Higher Education Auditor
Karthik Poobalasubramanian $120,510.00 Unclassified Assistant Commissioner for Info Svcs & Data Mgmt
Kim Reed $421,381.00 Unclassified Commissioner of Higher Education
Gabriel Roberson $10,140.00 Part-time PT IT Clerk
Elizabeth Roberts $65,000.00 Unclassified Grants Manager
Carrie Robison $187,379.00 Unclassified Deputy Commissioner for Sponsored Programs
Victor Sanchez $69,740.00 Unclassified Electronic Resources Manager-LOUIS
Emily Skaikay $66,839.00 Unclassified Executive Assistant to the Commissioner
Kimberly Small $78,580.00 Unclassified Personnel Officer
Allison Smith $98,549.00 Unclassified Assistant Commissioner for Student Hlth & Wellness
Carla Smith $50,898.00 Classified Administrative Assistant 6
Robert Stephens $74,160.00 Unclassified Member Srvs. Mgr.-LOUIS
Jennifer Stevens $63,662.00 Unclassified Program Mgr. for LaSTEM & BoRSF Grants
Marcy Stevens $84,913.00 Unclassified Library Srvs. Platform Manager-LOUIS
Mary Lisa Stigall $94,710.00 Unclassified Collections & Information Resources Admin-LOUIS
Uma Subramanian $218,400.00 Unclassified General Counsel
John Tooraen $113,300.00 Unclassified Sr. Programmer Analyst
Allison Vicknair $113,544.00 Unclassified Associate Commissioner for Academic Affairs & Inno
Lisa Vosper $143,490.00 Unclassified Associate Commissioner for Workforce & Training
Darcy Waguespack $79,677.00 Unclassified Business Affairs Manager-LOUIS
Michael Waugh $88,774.00 Unclassified Library Srvs. Platform Manager-LOUIS
Rhonda Webber $114,006.00 Unclassified Assistant Commissioner for Fiscal Affairs
Antonio Williams $60,000.00 Unclassified Assistant Program Mgr.
Nicholas Williams $87,000.00 Unclassified Personnel Manager
William Wilson $74,473.00 Unclassified Systems Administrator
Vikas Yadav $91,735.00 Unclassified Programmer/Analyst
Christopher Yandle $86,524.00 Unclassified Assistant Commissioner for Public Affairs
Zamin Zehra $88,112.00 Unclassified Resource Sharing & Library Srv Platform Mgr-LOUIS
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