Teche-Vermilion Freshwater District Board of Commissioners Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Chad Clause $77,932.00 Classified Operations Supervisor
Roy Comeaux $77,002.00 Classified Personnel Supervisor
Wendell Davis $58,540.00 Classified Operator
Wendy Dupuis $64,200.00 Classified Executive Assistant
Calvin Knott $49,268.00 Classified Asst. Operator
Cecil Knott $90,000.00 Classified Assistant Director
Craig Lanclos $81,442.00 Classified Personnel Supervisor
Kendall Orville $35,820.00 Classified Operator
Carl Richard $59,600.00 Classified Operator/Heavy Equip.
Donald Sagrera $124,200.00 Classified Executive Director
Nathan Salzwedel $51,728.00 Classified Operator
Malcolm Sam $51,008.00 Classified Operator
Kermit Thomas $62,032.00 Classified Operator/Electrician
Chad Wes White $39,240.00 Classified Operator
Marcus Wyble $31,200.00 Classified Assistant Operator
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