State Board of Medical Examiners Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Susie Allen $150,425.60 Unclassified Director of Research and Education
Julia Alverson $54,933.00 Classified Paralegal 2
Claudette Ashford $36,483.20 Classified Licensing Analyst
Joseph Bonck $65,832.00 Classified Compliance Investigator
Chanta Bridges $32,323.00 Classified Licensing Analyst
Freddie Broussard $62,899.20 Classified IT Technical Support Specialist
Shannon Burrell $32,364.80 Classified Administrative Coordinator
Rosa Burton $50,107.20 Classified Licensing Analyst
Leslie Castro $32,136.00 Classified Administrative Coordinator-Call Center
Ronald Cayette $57,678.40 Classified Compliance Investigator
Carol Chauvin $73,840.00 Classified RN Compliance Officer
James Clark $41,912.00 Classified IT Tech Support Specialist 1
LaKenya Collins, CPA $126,880.00 Unclassified Chief Financial Officer
Matthew Cook $47,652.80 Classified Licensing Analyst Supervisor
James Coolman $80,849.60 Classified IT Management Consultant
Lawrence Cresswell, DO, JD $231,691.20 Unclassified Director of Investigations
Vincent Culotta, Jr., MD $246,396.80 Unclassified Executive Director
Patricia Dufrene $122,574.00 Classified RN Practice Consultant
Jacintha F. Duthu, MPA $61,921.60 Classified Executive Staff Officer
Kieshan Falls $40,476.80 Classified Licensing Analyst
Michael Francis, M.D. $200,000.00 Unclassified Assistant Director of Investigations
LaShaunda Green $41,350.00 Classified Licensing Analyst
Chante Harrison $35,776.00 Classified Admin. Program Specialist
Aloma James $69,700.80 Classified Licensing Analyst Director
Phyllis Johnson $55,806.40 Classified Licensing Analyst Supervisor
LaTasha Joseph $37,398.40 Classified Licensing Analyst
Theresa Lockhart $103,313.60 Classified RN Compliance Officer
Tracy Mauro $69,097.60 Classified IT Technical Support Specialist
Olivia PeLong $41,600.00 Classified Admin. Program Specialist
Mary Peyton $121,492.80 Classified General Counsel II
Alan Phillips $110,219.20 Classified IT Director
Paula Pigford $68,473.60 Classified RN Compliance Officer
Al Poche $58,296.40 Classified Facilities Director
Robert Rempel $50,044.80 Classified Accounting Technician
LaToya Riley $32,136.00 Classified Administrative Coordinator-Call Center
Lawrence Robinson $58,052.80 Classified Compliance Investigator
Lillie Rodgers $65,728.00 Classified Administrative Program Director-Investigations
Sandra Scott $37,814.40 Classified Accountant
Ebonne Shy $32,323.00 Classified Licensing Analyst
Darren Singleton $35,609.60 Classified Administrative Coordinator-Mailroom
Esparonzia Spooner $63,564.80 Classified Compliance Investigator
Jozette Stamps $32,323.00 Classified Licensing Analyst
LaShunda Stewart $37,419.20 Classified Licensing Analyst
Jasmine Terrell $34,465.60 Classified Compliance Investigator
Pat Tillman $58,094.40 Classified Compliance Investigator
Avion Turner $77,376.00 Classified Accountant Administrator
Maude Varela $33,323.20 Classified Licensing Analyst
Dave Vicknair $57,283.20 Classified Licensing Analyst
Morgan White $37,398.40 Classified Licensing Analyst
Patricia Wilton $170,560.00 Unclassified Executive Counsel
Felicia Wright $42,972.80 Classified Licensing Analyst
Robert Zeringue $35,443.20 Classified Administrative Coordinator/Courier
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