St. Bernard Port, Harbor and Terminal District Board of Commissioners Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Eric Acosta $99,910.43 Unclassified Port Facility Security Officer
Melissa Adams $33,545.85 Unclassified Security Guard
Mark Anselmo $38,222.37 Unclassified Maintenance Worker
Roxane Assevedo $73,500.00 Unclassified Deputy Facility Security Officer
Ronald Becnel $27,930.68 Part-time Security Guard
Jimmie Bienemy $29,000.00 Part-time Maintenance Worker
Karen Boniol $99,423.20 Unclassified Accounting Specialist
Lanora Dooms $13,780.00 Part-time Maintenance Worker
Wilfred Douglas $40,373.25 Unclassified Maintenance Worker
Shane Esponge $42,942.02 Unclassified Maintenance Worker
Eugene Evans $14,264.15 Part-time Maintenance Worker
Ryan Fayard $63,694.83 Unclassified Maintenance Supervisor
Ross Gonzales $142,195.64 Unclassified Director of Administration
Coyanna Harris $13,780.00 Part-time Security Guard
Drew Heaphy $222,696.14 Unclassified Executive Director
Denise Kraesig $98,499.23 Unclassified Executive Assistant
Ann LaFontaine $43,583.36 Unclassified Purchasing Secretary
Donna Landwehr $50,796.01 Unclassified Records Secretary
Alana Lepkesky $27,560.00 Part-time Security Guard
Rickey Maltese $33,612.62 Unclassified Maintenance Worker
Lindsey Manasco $31,231.12 Unclassified Receptionist/Secretary
Victor Manuel $36,067.56 Unclassified Maintenance Worker
Lauren Maupin $42,000.00 Unclassified Public Relations
Cameron Melerine $33,267.84 Unclassified Maintenance Worker
Joelle Michel $56,673.09 Unclassified Administrative Secretary
Stanley Moley $35,735.26 Unclassified Security Guard
Angela Nunez $35,735.26 Unclassified Security Guard
Heath Ragas $60,000.00 Unclassified Project Manager
Joseph Roche $114,195.69 Unclassified Director of Operations
Debra Terminie $33,545.85 Unclassified Security Guard
Betty Thomas $32,071.17 Unclassified Security Guard
Jami Walker $31,800.93 Unclassified Security Guard
Blake Washington $27,560.00 Part-time Security Guard
Trenton Williams $31,009.00 Unclassified Maintenance Worker
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