State Boxing and Wrestling Commission

Name State Boxing and Wrestling Commission
Contact Person Addie Fields - Administrative Assistant
Mailing Address 1020 Richmond Dr
Metairie, LA 70003
Phone Number 504-251-2845
Fax Number 504-305-1939
Board Email
Legal Authority RS4-61-85
Year Created 1974
Organizational Placement GOVERNOR'S OFFICE
Purpose/Function Oversight of all ring sports; assure safety of contestants & public; issue licenses to all contestants, officials, matchmakers & promoters; collect gate taxes for continuing operation of this oversight.
Budget Message The budget will cover regular expenses for the commission; income exceeded expectations for 2015 due to WWE & UFC events held in the state; these events are not expected to return to LA for 2017; expenses for Y/E 2017 are expected to be near amounts of y/e 2016; market indicators predict an over saturation of MTE events and the commission expects an overall decline in events and income from these events in future years.
Number of Entity Members: Number Authorized: 7
Number Currently Serving: 7
Number of Entity Meetings: Actual number in prior year: 11
Estimated number in current year: 11
The Entity is:
Active   Inactive   Not fully organized   Disbanded   Never fully organized
Do members receive per diem, salaries, and/or travel expense reimbursements?
Yes   No
Excluding member per diem, salaries, and travel expense reimbursements, does the entity receive or expend funds?
Yes   No
Entity Member Per Diem:
  Amount Authorized: $80      per meeting   per meeting day   per day spent on board business   None

Total entity member per diem:
  Prior year actual: $3,760.00
  Current year budgeted: $3,500.00
Entity Member Salaries:
  Prior year actual: $40,800.00
  Current year budgeted: $40,800.00
Entity Member Travel Expense Reimbursement:
  Prior year actual: $16,834.00
  Current year budgeted: $20,000.00
Number and Type of Authorized Employee Positions:
Classified: 0
Unclassified: 0
Part-time: 3
Entity Fiscal Year End:
4/30         7/31         10/31         Other (identify date)
6/30         9/30         12/31         None
Participation in State Employee Benefit Programs:
       participate in state retirement system(s) and/or state group insurance program(s)
       do not participate in state benefit programs

       participate in state retirement system(s) and/or state group insurance program(s)
       do not participate in state benefit programs
Notes On Expenditures and Expenses: G/L Insurance Premiums should decrease for 2018 due to frivolous lawsuits dropping from the record.

All other expenses are not expected to deviate from prior years. Income is expected to decrease in large WWE & UFC shows scheduled in LA for 2016/2017 & a slowdown of MTE shows generally throughout the state.

On Means of Financing: 3 sources of income for the commission are License fees, gate taxes from events and show date reservation fees.

On Expenditures: under "Other Expenses" the $46,293 total is $5,500 in officials training for referees and judges at annual conference and the balance is general liability insurance due for years ending 2016 & 2017 = $40,793.

As directed by State's request, a breakdown of the license issued by the commission are as follows:

$25.00 licenses for contestants & officials -626 sold
$500.00 licenses for Boxing Promoters -3 sold
$250.00 licenses for MMA/Wrestling promoters - 15 sold
$250.00 licenses for Manager - 1 sold
No Matchmaker licenses sold

Total licenses sold for Y/E 2016 = 626

On Minutes & Notices: The commission does not meet in December, therefore, no minutes or notices for December will be posted.

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