Board of Elementary and Secondary Education Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Carla Anderson $59,738.00 Unclassified Administration and Research Associate
Tiffany Bosley $75,130.00 Unclassified 8(g) Grant Manager
Christopher Calbert $96,429.00 Unclassified Communications Manager
Shan Davis $150,509.00 Unclassified Executive Director
Max Dupuy $58,406.00 Unclassified Operations Manager
Jada Joseph $65,354.00 Unclassified Auditor 3
Erin LeBlanc $65,520.00 Unclassified Records Management Administrator
Daria Martin $94,994.00 Unclassified Accountant Administrator
Abigail Petit $60,216.00 Unclassified Administration and Research Associate
Shannon Rawson $76,086.00 Unclassified Education Administrator
Kimberly Tripeaux $109,886.00 Unclassified 8(g) Grant Director
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