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Product Category 25101700 - SAFETY AND RESCUE VEHICLES   Delivery Days ARO 300
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    Fire, Hazmat & Rescue Trucks

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Pierce Manufacturing Inc. LaMAS Contract for Fire Trucks, Hazmat Trucks and Rescue Trucks. INVOICE # _____________. Please refer to OSP Website: fro complete ordering instructions and price lists.
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Unpublished Options - Unpublished Options are options not listed on the LaMAS Options Price List posted. Agencies/Political Subdivisions are allowed to add unpublished options up to 10% of the vehicle published base price and the published option price. Verifiable charges shall be submitted to the purchasing agency or political subdivision for review. Verification shall include a published commercial price list for all options that are not listed on the LaMAS Option Price List. Unpublished options shall be discounted to the agency/political subdivision at the same rate or better than LaMAS pricing when compared to the commercial price list. All pricing for all items shall be supported by documentation from the contractor. Dealer pricing will not be considered for approval.
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