Tax Commission Members

Name Compensation Terms Length of Service Selection Method
Lawrence E. Chehardy $76,053.00 Current: 2/12/16 through pleasure of Governor Current:4 year 11mths to 01/13/2020 Governor appointed/District 1
Benjamin Jeffers $56,160.00 Current: 2/12/16 through pleasure of Governor 2/28/2020 Governor appointed/District 3
VACANT VACANT $0.00 Current: 0 Governor appointed/District 2
Harold J. Vercher, Jr. $56,160.00 Current:02/12/16;Prior:3/1/08thru pleasureGovernor Current:4 year 11mths to 01/13/2020;Prior:95.4mos. Governor appointed/District 4
Regina Lynch Wood $56,160.00 Current: 02/12/16 through please of Governor 4 years 11mths on 01/13/2020 Governor appointed/District 5
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