Lakefront Management Authority Employees

Name Salary Employee Type Employee Title
Margie Brown $55,577.60 Classified Accountant 2
Keljuane Brownfield $66,310.40 Classified Human Resource Director
Don Butler $37,252.00 Classified Maintenance Repairer 1
Louis Capo $146,016.00 Unclassified Executive Director
Kristin Clinard $85,196.80 Classified Accountant Manager 1
Dylan Cochrane $38,613.00 Classified Fireman Advanced
Samuel Coleman $41,080.00 Classified Maintenance Repairer 2
Vanessa Coleman $33,820.80 Classified Guard
Christopher Costley $41,080.00 Classified Maintenance Repairer 2
Shalanda Goffner-Adams $38,168.00 Classified Admin Program Specialist-A
Cynthia Grace $104,769.60 Classified Admin Program Director 4
Sarion Granger $48,505.60 Classified Administrative Assistant 5
Adam Gulino $127,732.80 Unclassified Director of Operations and Engineering
Horace Harris $31,200.00 Classified Guard
Christopher Henderson $57,832.32 Classified Fireman Supervisor
Christopher Hyer $38,220.00 Classified Fireman Advanced
Phillip Jones $45,968.00 Classified Maintenance Repairer 2
Joy Lewis $51,188.80 Classified Administrative Program Specialist-B
Bruce Martin $79,164.00 Classified Airport Director
Willie Mason $40,491.36 Classified Fireman Advanced
James Mazerat $54,032.16 Classified Fireman Supervisor
Paul McIntyre $37,460.80 Classified Fireman Advanced
Vanessa McKee $62,046.00 Classified Administrative Program Specialist-C
Darrell Merrick $56,451.00 Classified Maintenance Repairer Master
Helaine Millner $45,739.20 Classified Marina Assistant Manager
Nathan Powell $42,595.28 Classified Fireman Advanced
Fred Pruitt $70,304.00 Classified Airport Fuel Farm Manager
Tiffany Rachal $33,446.00 Classified Guard
James Rippy $40,491.36 Classified Fireman Advanced
Kris Schmidt $51,957.36 Classified Fireman Supervisor
Michael Sciavicco $69,950.40 Classified Marina Manager
Cian Tanner $31,200.00 Classified Guard
Arthur Weaver $46,803.12 Classified Fireman Advanced
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