Ouachita Riverfront Development Commission

Name Ouachita Riverfront Development Commission
Contact Person Gladys Smith - Secretary
Mailing Address 309 S. 1st
Monroe, LA 71201
Phone Number 318-387-0057
Fax Number 318-387-0046
Board Email gfsmith1@bellsouth.net
Website http://www.downtownmonroe.org/content/ouachita-riverfront-development-commi
Legal Authority R.S. 33:9038.65
Year Created 2011
Organizational Placement This is a political district of the state
Purpose/Function Created to provide for cooperative economic and community development among the district, the city, the state, and the owner of property in the district,in order to assist in the redevelopent of and improvement to the property within the area of the district
Number of Entity Members: Number Authorized: 7
Number Currently Serving: 7
Number of Entity Meetings: Actual number in prior year: 2
Estimated number in current year: 0
The Entity is:
Active   Inactive   Not fully organized   Disbanded   Never fully organized
Do members receive per diem, salaries, and/or travel expense reimbursements?
Yes   No
Excluding member per diem, salaries, and travel expense reimbursements, does the entity receive or expend funds?
Yes   No
Entity Member Per Diem:
  Amount Authorized: $0      per meeting   per meeting day   per day spent on board business   None

Total entity member per diem:
  Prior year actual: $0.00
  Current year budgeted: $0.00
Entity Member Salaries:
  Prior year actual: $0.00
  Current year budgeted: $0.00
Entity Member Travel Expense Reimbursement:
  Prior year actual: $0.00
  Current year budgeted: $0.00
Number and Type of Authorized Employee Positions:
Classified: 0
Unclassified: 0
Part-time: 0
Entity Fiscal Year End:
4/30         7/31         10/31         Other (identify date)
6/30         9/30         12/31         None
Participation in State Employee Benefit Programs:
       participate in state retirement system(s) and/or state group insurance program(s)
       do not participate in state benefit programs

       participate in state retirement system(s) and/or state group insurance program(s)
       do not participate in state benefit programs
A state agency provides: (Check all that apply and identify the state agency)
Per Diem Payments          State Agency:
Travel Reimbursements    State Agency:
Other (explain)    State Agency:
Is this entity a budget unit or included within a budget unit of the State of Louisiana as defined by LSA-R.S. 39:2?
   Yes    No
  If yes, identify the budget unit and the budget schedule number below:
  Budget Unit Name:
  Budget Schedule Number:
Notes This committee has no budget, no employees, no citations, and no rules except what the law provide. There were no reimbursements in 2022.

There is no other members beside the 7 appointee

We had no meetings in 2022 just kept up with project that we support with DEDD.

There were no meeting in 2022. All member is still the same
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