eCat provides search functionality for items on state contracts.

Wildcard searches are the default and "*’'s should NOT be used.  (For example, entering car in the vendor name will find all vendors with the letters ‘car’ any place in the vendor or distributors names, so ‘Mohawk Carpet’, Homecare, and ‘Golf Carts’ will all be found, along with a variety of others.)

Most of the text boxes (Contract #, Vendor Name, etc.) work in the same way.  A few, such as Line Number, Class, and Subclass, are not wild cards in order to avoid unwanted results. 

Examples of Data Entry Options Examples in Contract Description field  
Single or partial Word,
(Wild card search is assumed)
[car] Since Wildcard is assumed, this will find words like Carpet’, Homecare, datacard and ‘Golf Cars’
Multiple Words
Words can be in any order. Some fields can search by up to 8 multiple words.
[computer periph] returns the same results as [periph computer ]
Multiple Words, One or the Other
Insert ‘OR’ between words to use this technique.
[Periph or computer]
Exact phrases enclosed in quotation marks. [“computer periph”]

LaGov Tab Criteria Name Description Typical Values Special Instructions
Contract Contract # Contract Number.  In LaGov, this is 10 digit number. 
Contract Contract Description Brief description of the contract. Safety vests  
Contract T-Number Desc
(T-Numbers are used to link related contracts together.)
Description of the T-Number associated with the contract. Computer or khaki  
Contract T-Number T-Numbers are used to reference related contracts. OYD01 ‘or’ not allowed  
Contract Coop? Indicates whether the contract is available for cooperative procurement.    
Vendor Name This searches the prime vendor's names and also their Distributors Vendors' Names. ‘3M’  or ‘Chauvin Bro’  
Vendor SEBD Small and Emerging Business Development Any/Yes/No  
Vendor SE/HI Small Enterprise/Hudson Initiative Any/Yes/No  
Vendor VSE Louisiana Initiative for Veteran Owned Small Enterprise Any/Yes/No  
Vendor DVSE Louisiana Initiative for Veteran and Service-Connected Disabled Veteran Owned Small Enterprise Any/Yes/No  
Contract Line Item Line # Can either be the product category line if it has catalog items, otherwise contract line item. “ 50 “ No wild-card search and single entry
Contract Line Item Product Category UNSPSC Product Category code.  6 digits   No wild-card search and single entry
Contract Line Item Material # SRM material number - only applies to contract lines where there are no catalog items.   No wild-card search and single entry
Contract Line Item Product Category/Line Item Description If Catalog Items exist , this is the Product Category Description, otherwise it is the  Line Item Description. 
For Catalog Items, it is the UNSPSC Product Category Description.
Catalog Items MDM Catalog Reference # Unique MDM Catalog Reference Number.    
Catalog Items Supplier Part # Supplier Part #, if applicable.    
Catalog Items Region Unformatted text field for use by LaGov.    
Catalog Items Catalog Item Description Long description of the catalog item.     
Catalog Items Emergency Indicates if it is an Emergency Item. Any/Yes/No