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Contract # 4400013450 Contract Summary Item # 2  
Product Category 56112104 - Executive seating Delivery Days ARO 60
MDM Catalog Ref. Number 1052739 Effective From - to 01/08/2018 - 01/21/2023
Supplier Part Number Emergency Item? FALSE
P-card Accepted No Region
MDM Notes
MDM Special Instructions Copy of quote MUST accompany purchase order. Please channel your purchase orders through one of our resellers. (1) Frost Barber, (2) M.L. Bath, (3). M.L. Bath, (4). Barefield Workplace Solutions. Purchase Order must Reference Master Agreement No. MA147 and State Contract No. 4400013450. (2). Your name, address, contact and phone number (3). Purchase Order Amount, and itemized list of accessories of the service contract.
AGPS Contract#/Item #
Short Description Design Services


UOM Gross Price Discount Minimum Qty.
Each $0.00 0.00% 1

Catalog Item Long Description:
    Design Services: 2% of List for design (if project is cancelled, dealer can still invoice 2% of List for design).