Economic Incentives

There are many different tax incentives for companies to apply for in Louisiana. These incentives encourage economic growth throughout the state. They can be broken down into two main categories: Statutory Incentives and Discretionary Incentives.

Statutory incentive has eligibility rules that have been built in to state law by the legislature. These incentives are available to any company who applies for them, so long as that company meets the program requirements according to the law.

Discretionary incentives, on the other hand, are performance based incentives. A company who is providing a new, high performing economic development to the state would be eligible for this type of incentive. These incentives are not built in to state law, but are added in through the approval of first, the LED Secretary, and second, the approval of the legislature. So long as the company continues to meet the performance goals, they are eligible to receive this type of incentive.

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