Louisiana State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund

Application Portal For Water Sector Program

The Water Sector Commission postponed Round 2 of the Water Sector Program during the November 30, 2021 meeting. Therefore, the online portal will not open for applications on January 3, 2022. The postponement will allow Round 1 applicants to receive feedback on their application submissions. Revised dates have not been determined at this time.
Welcome to the State of Louisiana's Portal for the Water Sector Program established by Act 410 of the 2021 Regular Session. Pursuant to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA), the State of Louisiana has allocated $300 million to the program from the State's allocation of ARPA funding from the Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund. The Program was established to provide grant funding for repairs, improvements and consolidation of community water and sewer systems around the State.

Please review the state's instructions posted below prior to beginning the application. We have provided a listing of required documentation that may be gathered prior to the portal opening as well as the Water Sector Program guidelines. Be sure to provide all required documentation within the Portal application prior to submitting for scoring and consideration.

IMPORTANT: Please pay special attention to posted deadlines in order to be included in the initial scoring and selection process.
Relevant Documents
Interim Final Rule
U.S. Treasury Fact Sheet
U.S. Treasury Quick Reference Guide
Water Sector Program Guideline Guidance (10/11/2021)
Water Sector Program Presentation
Water Sector Program Portal User Access Form
Act 410 of the 2021 Regular Legislative Session
List of Items Needed to Complete Application
FAQs (Revised 10/27/2021)

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