LaPAC Tips

Navigating through the Website

All vendors that wish to receive email notifications of bid opportunities must be registered in LaGov via the vendor enrollment portal.

Welcome to the Louisiana Procurement and Contract Network (LaPAC). We want your visit to this site to be as productive as possible and hope to provide you with useful tips to help you navigate through this system. It is recommended that you print a copy of these instructions for reference as you navigate through LaPAC.

Software and Browser Requirements

Information is provided in Word, Excel or PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF documents. If you do not already have this free software, you can click here to Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you experience problems opening Word or Excel documents, OpenOffice( is a free product that can also be used to assist you in opening these documents.

Vendor Administrative Users

As a Vendor Administrative User for your company within the LaGov Supplier Portal, you have the authority to:

  • Edit and manage your Product Category selections
  • Edit and manage your company and user data
  • Create and manage additional company contacts
  • Create your Remit to Address

The Division of Administration made this vendor registration available. It is your responsibility to keep all information current. Being a registered vendor does NOT guarantee the receipt of electronic notification for all applicable solicitations. Vendors must routinely check LaPAC for a listing of current business opportunities. The Division of Administration shall not be responsible if a vendor does not receive an electronic notification for any particular reason.

Other Important Information

  • Bid Opening Time - All bid opening times are Central Time Zone. Louisiana observes Daylight-Saving Time. For the current time in Louisiana, you may visit

  • Navigation - To move around the site simply click on any active link. The top of each screen contains tabs to link to all other sections within the active menu, making it easy to go from one section to another. The menu contains a brief description of the functionality that each section provides.

  • Terms - It is important to note that certain terms are used for brevity and are not intended to be exclusive.

    • "Bid" and "Solicitation" are used interchangeably. These terms refer to any type of document that may be posted on LaPAC, including, but not limited to an ITB (Invitation To Bid), RFP (Request For Proposal), RFQ (Request For Quotation), and Construction Projects.

    • "Addenda" or "Addendum" may refer to different types of amendments to the original document posted. It is your responsibility to view all documents and any addenda.

  • Bids by Category - contains solicitations by specific commodity group. Categories may change from time to time depending on the needs of our customers. Simply click on the desired category to view all solicitations in that category. Note that the category link is only active (underlined) if there are solicitations available in that category. The number of solicitations issued by the Office of State Purchasing as well as other agencies, departments, community colleges, universities and public schools is also displayed for each category. When you click on a specific category (commodity group), you will see Bid Number, Description, Date Issued, and Bid Opening Date/Time. Statewide Term Contracts are listed in red. In addition, information on any addenda will be displayed if applicable. If a particular solicitation is canceled before bid opening date, the document will remain in the system until the original bid opening date. If a solicitation is canceled after the bid opening date, the bid will remain in the system for a period of thirty days after the cancellation date.

  • Bids by Department - displays all of the solicitations for a specific agency. The department link will only be active if solicitations are available, and the number of solicitations will be listed by the agency name.

  • Search for Open Bids - allows a solicitation search by various methods. You may select an individual department or all departments. Likewise you may select a specific category or all categories. For example, you may search to find all solicitations for the Office of State Purchasing for Food and Food Service Equipment with key words sugar, rice, eggs. If there are solicitations that fit these criteria they will be returned. If you know specific date information on a solicitation, you may search a specified date range on Open Date, Cancel Date, Issue Date or Last Change Date. You must specify a date range and not a single date. The Open Date, furthermore, must be a valid date and cannot be a date prior to today's date. It is best to review all possible categories for solicitations of interest to you, because the specific key word may not be listed, and the search may not find the information you seek. If, for example, a key word is listed as "ship" it will not return a response for "boat".

  • Search by Bid Number - will return any open solicitations, solicitations under evaluation or awarded solicitations for a period of thirty days beyond the award date. If solicitations are canceled prior to bid opening date, they will display until the original bid opening date. If canceled after bid opening date, they will display for 30 days after cancellation.

  • Check Status - displays the current status of solicitations that have already been opened. Check Status will display all solicitations past the bid opening date which have been awarded, canceled or for which award information is not yet available.