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How the Louisiana.gov Services Directory Works

This Guide can be used to search all the records in the Louisiana.gov Services Directory.


Search results are listed with the most relevant first (the records that most closely matched the search terms).


Case is not considered when a search is performed. You can enter your search terms in upper or lower case, and the results will be the same.

One Word Only

The search engine will search for the word you type plus its stem words.
Example, if you type the word rehabilitate the search engine will also look for rehabilitate, rehabilitation and rehabilitating.

To search for that one word only and not for stem words, enclose the word in quotation marks.

Example, if you type "rehabilitation" the search engine will not look for rehabilitate or other stemmed variations.


Type the phrase that you want to search.
Example, Historic Districts asks the search engine to find those two words side-by-side.

Several Words that are not a phrase

To search for multiple words, separate them with commas.

Example: cancer, chemotherapy, oncology will find all records containing at least one of these three words. Records with the most occurrences of the words searched are given the highest rank.

Boolean Operators:

You may use the Boolean operators: AND, OR, NOT in your search. (The Boolean operators do not have to be capitalized.)

This operator tells the search engine that both words must be present in the document.

Example, grants AND arts asks the search engine to find documents that contain both words.

The operator OR acts like "either."

Example, grants OR arts tells the search engine to look for documents that have either word in them, but not necessarily both.

The NOT operator works as a filter, getting rid of documents that contain certain words.

Example, grants NOT arts tells the search engine to look for records that contain grants only and eliminate those that also contain arts.


If you want to search for words that begin with certain letters, you can use the asterisk as a wildcard.

Example, restor* will search for restore, restoring, restoration, and any other words beginning with the letters restor.

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