Register a Business in Louisiana

Published 06/05/2008 03:06:00 PM | Updated 08/15/2014 04:08:00 AM

How do I register a business (for profit or non-profit) in Louisiana?

GeauxBiz, a service of the Louisiana Secretary of State, is a "licensing information center" for prospective small business owners; it provides current and potential business owners a single place to go for all the necessary information to operate within the state. Approval for all licenses and permits still comes from the individual agencies, but GeauxBiz is a clearinghouse for regulatory information.

Comprehensive information on registering corporations (domestic or foreign), non-profit corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC) is available at:

The staff of GeauxBiz will also prepare a customized business license checklist tailored to a specific business licensing need. Information provided may include: how to obtain ID numbers for federal, state, and local sales taxes; registering a business name, hiring employees, local and state licensing agencies you should contact to start your business,and researching small business resources. Request the checklist online at:

Forms and fee schedule:

A list of Frequently Asked Questions about starting a business in Louisiana is available online at:

For additional information, contact GeauxBiz at:
Phone: (225) 925-4704

Fax: (225) 932-5319


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