In Case You Missed It: Louisiana Teacher of the Year, Students Featured On National Morning News

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June 15, 2018

Baton Rouge - Today, 2018 Louisiana Teacher of the Year Kimberly Eckert was featured on CBS This Morning as part of "A More Perfect Union," a series that aims to show what unites Americans is greater than what divides us. The segment spotlighted a special tradition Eckert has upheld during her decade-long teaching career and what it means to her students.

At the close of each school year, Eckert, who teaches English at Brusly High School in West Baton Rouge Parish, pens a personal letter to every student. This year alone, she wrote more than 150 notes. The letters, in her own words, emphasize one message: "You matter."

"You might not have seen it yet, but I saw it. I saw it the second I locked eyes with you. You mattered before I ever met you," Eckert said of the focus of the letters. "This experience, my job, is to help you feel just how very very much you matter."

That message has significantly impacted her former and current students. As part of the segment, five of them surprised Eckert in her classroom, presented her with their own letters of praise and expressed to CBS how Eckert had impacted their lives.

"You showed me a side to myself I didn't even know existed ... You showed me it's okay to be different," wrote one former student. 

"You taught me to be a more open-minded and kind-hearted person who is willing to put forth the effort to make a difference in this world," wrote another.

All agreed: "To be able to touch a kid the way you touched me would make everything so worth it."

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